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Stop staring at my bloody scar, would you?

And I DON'T have a hero complex. Tosser.

31 July
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I'm Harry Potter. Go away.
...ron's got grey pubes??, angsting, annoyingly loud music, being invisible, blending in, extra big mugs, flying, fuck fuck fuck, glaring at people, growling at people, grunting at people, hating my friends, hiding in obvious places, hufflepuffs are weird, mrs. weasley's meatballs, my awesome firebolt, my cock, no i'm not morbid, not my life, not people dying, not people impersonating sirius, not that bitch voldemort, not this stupid scar, not wearing glasses, other people's pensieves, privacy, prowling about, ravenclaws are weirder, sassing snape, scheming, shagging my godfather, shouting, sirius, slytherins just suck, spiting malfoy, tea with remus, the perpetual mourning period, this dodgy pribbler thing, tormenting dudley, weeping by the lake